Welcome to our Franksville, Wisconsin modutrak module project page. This project series covers the construction of three N scale modular layout pieces that model a 1950’s prototype of Franksville, Wisconsin. With typical midwest scenery, you’ll find a variety of modular construction techniques, wiring practices using terminal blocks and Molex connectors, advanced scenery techniques utilizing static grass and other newer techniques and much more.

Part 1 : Introduction

An introduction to our project with background, diagrams and prototype photos.

Part 2 : Laying Spline Roadbed

We put down masonite spline for the roadbed that we will lay the tracks on top of.

Part 3 : Land Contours

Pink construction foam makes up the material we use to build the land forms on either side of the tracks.

Part 4 : Cork and Track

We put down some Midwest Products n-scale cork roadbed and Atlas Code 55 flex track.

Part 5 : Painting Track

Track is down and it is time to remove that nasty plastic shine.

Part 6 : Switch Machines and Wiring

We need controls and machines for those turnouts to function.