So I originally thought that I would try and fit the town of Franksville on one module. After finding black and white aerial images and seeing just how extensive the sidings were in Franksville, I had to spread it over two modules to do it right. Here is the overall trackplan for the five modules that stretch from Franksville to Caledonia:

North is to the left. All of the track plans are based on the prototype drawings including the sidings and crossover points. The standard track is Atlas Code 55 and mainline turnouts are #10 with industry sidings being #7 turnouts.

Each module is designed to be lightweight and strong. The base pieces are constructed from 1/8 inch birch plywood top and sides with 3/4 inch birch plywood. Here is what the underside of a module looks like (with leg pockets installed in the corners):

The above module has the masonite sides attached which helps reinforce the entire module and make it resistant to bending or warping.

Here is a closeup of the pocket corner:

and here is a corner of a straight module from the top side:

The base birch module gets masonite end caps (which has a standard land contour which helps match up ends of different people’s modules) and masonite sides. We use a pseudo masonite spline road bed to elevate the track 2″ above the module “floor”. Here is a module with roadbed spline drying (this is the south Franksville module that has the two track mainline and the industry siding which is why it is wider):

Once that dries, a masonite cap is glued to the top of the roadbed. After that cap dries, I took a router and a flush bit and trimmed the edges flush:

this is what the flush bit looks like:

once the flush trimming was done I cut and glued the masonite end caps on:

and here is where I’m currently at with the south franksville module:

In Part 3, I’ll cut 2″ pink building construction foam to fit the empty spaces on either side of the tracks before I add the remaing masonite sides. If you have any questions or comments on this story, click on the green button below to go to our discussion forums.


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