Today at the National Train Show portion of the 2012 NMRA National Convention in Grand Rapids, MI, Kato USA has announced it’s next full N scale passenger train – The Silver Streak Zephyr.

As Model:160 previously discussed, Kato already has tooling for all the Silver Streak cars in their corrugated passenger car line, and only needs to tool the locomotive.  And what a locomotive! Burlington’s gorgeous all stainless steel E5 were a work of EMD art.  Slant nosed E units can only be improved with stainless steel corrugations added.

The 5-car set with E5 will include the following:
Baggage Car #900
Baggage/RPO #1600
52 Seat Chair Car #4703
52 Seat Chair Car #4704
Dining-Parlor-Observation #300

It is expected to be delivered to stores later this year.