Update Sunday, January 27, 2013

As another Springfield show wrapped up today, there were still some N scale goodies to be seen.  Prairie Shadows had three new tooling samples on display including the N scale Point St Charles Caboose, a Bulkhead Flatcar, and a Canadian style 52’6″ gondola.  These sharply tooled Canadian models are being created in the Rapido Trains factory for distribution by Prairie Shadows.  Check out the interior detail on the gondola, first seen in ESM’s PRR gons, but still a rarity due to the additional assembly required when the parts have to be molded as what is essentially a flat kit in order to capture anything more than a smooth interior surface. The cabooses also look sharp, with detailed railings and flush mounted windows.  Canadian fans should rejoice.

More photos have been added to the gallery below.

Update Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rapido displayed the above poster today indicating that the Osgood Bradley coaches have gotten the green light and should be available in 2014.  These “American Flyer” style coaches, so named because American Flyer first offered models in 3/16″ O and S gauges back in the 40’s, have a distinctive profile.  Detail is expected to be on par with most Rapido offerings… in other words, wicked good.

Atlas also had samples of their S2 switcher on display.  We’ll get some better photos of the model tomorrow. 

Micro-Trains had a couple of the upcoming February releases on display early including an SP Ortner hopper, a CN noodle 40′ boxcar, an APPX reefer with AGAR Packing Company logo, a Frisco covered hopper, and a Pullman heavyweight sleeper.

We’ll have more photos tomorrow when our friend Dan Levitt makes the rounds. 

Update Friday, January 25, 2013

Today was move in and set up day at the show.  While many manufacturers are quick to cover their booths, we were able to grab a few shots of items left on display.  Athearn has the new run of big UP steam on display.  Atlas brought their veritable cornucopia of newest releases and paint schemes, and Kato left visible a flyer for their SD90/43 MAC’s in San Luis & Rio Grande and UP.  FVM also had a bunch of tooling samples on display.  When the announcement broke yesterday about their 2013 lineup we had no idea that tooling was close to complete on so many items.  The Silversides, Canstocks and SD70ACe’s all made an appearance in pre-production buff.  We’re looking forward to the covers coming off the rest of the tables tomorrow!