Athearn has announced three products for April 2011 that are expected in hobby stores in November.

50′ PS1 Double-Door Boxcar

First is a 50 foot PS1 double door boxcar available in Conrail, Seaboard Air Line, Southern and Western Pacific schemes with three unique road numbers each. Models will all feature machined wheelsets (new), McHenry knuckle spring couplers and etched metal roof walks.

Ethanol Tank Car

Next up is another run of Athearn’s ethanol tank car now available in GATX-Soy Power, Procor Green and TILX Global Ethanol road names in single number and three-pack variations (all with unique road numbers).  These too will feature full metal wheelsets and McHenry couplers.

28′ Double Trailer & Dolly

Lastly are 28 foot double trailers and dolly’s available in Consolidated Freightways, Roadway, Roadway Express, YRC Worldwide and Owner Operator schemes.

You can click on the flyers below for larger images.

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