While Atlas may be calling these a new model, these are a re-release of the BLMA 53′ spine cars in 3-unit and 5-unit packs. Since Atlas purchased BLMA, these are technically new to the Atlas brand, but we have seen this model before. 

Model Features:

  • Ready-To-Run
  • Die-Cast Metal & Plastic
  • Fine-Scale Detail All Around
  • Chemically Etched Walkways
  • Accurately Painted/Printed
  • Prototypical Ride Height
  • Assembled Collapsed or Raised Hitches
  • BLMA 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • BLMA Scale Profile Metal Wheels
  • Body-Mounted Micro-Trains Couplers
  • Perfect for the Atlas 40′ 45′ and 53′ containers.


MSRP for 3-unit spine cars – $119.95

MSRP for 5-unit spine cars – $199.95

AVAILABLE – 3rd quarter 2018

More information and preorders can be made on the Atlas website HERE.