Atlas has announced new runs of GP38-2s, C&O style cupola cabooses, and 2-bay Centerflow hoppers.

The GP38-2’s will be offered in Canadian Pacific, Detroit Toledo & Ironton, Elgin Joliet & Eastern, Guilford (B&M), Illinois Central Gulf, Kansas City Southern, Southern Pacific, and St. Lawrence & Hudson.  They are available in both DC and DCC versions, as in the past, but the factory decoders are now being supplied by North Coast Engineering (NCE).  The feature list also mentions separately applied cut levers!  These are due 3rd Quarter 2013.

The Trainman series C&O cupola caboose is being offered in two versions of Chesapeake & Ohio (both yellow and red) along with Pere Marquette, Alaska Railroad, Boston & Maine, Deleware & Hudson, Grand Trunk Western, Norfolk Southern Railway, Providence & Worcester, and Santa Fe.  These are due 2nd Quarter 2013.

Finally, the run of Trainman series 2-bay Centerflow hoppers will include ACFX, Conrail, CSX, GE Rail Car (NAHX), Southern Pacific, and Winchester & Western.  There will be two road numbers of each, and they are also due in the 2nd Quarter of 2013.

The full set is pictured below: