Atlas has announced a new round of GP-35 locomotives, Trainman 50′ Flatcar w/Trailers and 5701 cuft Covered Hoppers for July 2013. 

O GP-35 Alaska

The GP-35 is being released in several new roadnames and roadnumbers including Atlantic Coast Line, Canadian Pacific, Railink Canada, Reading, Western Maryland, Conrail, Great Northern, and Union Pacific. 

N 23' Trailer 48' Flat Car ACC  C&EI

The new run of 50′ Flatcars with Trailers will be due first quarter of 2014 and released in C&EI, Lehigh Valley, Milwaukee Road, Pennsy, TTX (Wilson), and Union Pacific. 

5701 Hopper Dupont

Finally, the ACF 5701 cuft Plastics Hoppers will be released in Amoco, Dow Chemical, Goodrich, and Louisiana-Pacific.  The Grain Hopper version will be released in ADM and Chicago Freight Car Leasing.  Both are due first quarter 2014 as well.

The full image gallery is shown below.