Atlas Model Railroad Company announced new releases for both it’s SD9 locomotive, and it’s Trainman Series PS-2 Covered Hopper.  Also announced are new road numbers for the Trainman Series 85′ Trash Flats, and new paint schemes and road numbers for the Trainman Series 20′ High Cube MSW Containers.

Roadnames for the EMD SD9 are: B&O, Chicago & Illinois Midland, Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range, Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, Norfolk & Western, Pennsylvania (Green/Gold), and Rio Grande.

sd9 HO C&IM N W-O DB

PS-2 Roadnames are: Chicago & North Western, Chicago Great Western, Monon, Norfolk & Western, Southern, Southern Pacific, and Stauffer Chemical.

New road numbers for the 85′ Trash Flat are for Allied Waste, East Carbon-DSEX, and USA Waste.

DSEX 85' Trash Flat Car

Finally, the containers will be available in: AWIU Set #5 and #6, DSEU Set #5 and #6, USWX Set #5 and #6, DSWU Set #1 and #2.


Please see Atlas Model Railroad Company for more information.