BeNscale Models is now making assembled and lighted N scale searchlight signal heads.  The individual heads offer proper red, yellow, aqua green, and lunar aspects with up to three colors available in a single search light head. 

The signals are wired in standard common-anode configuration.  Thus, the common wire is positive and individual wires are simply grounded to provide the color aspect desired.  This is how the prototype “pulls down” signals, and how most signal drivers available in the hobby operate including TracTronics, Integrated Signal Systems, Digitrax, and others.  These will not work with the common-cathode system that Atlas uses for their signals however.

These are individual unpainted heads only and are made to mount to 3/64″ tubing.  The LED is prewired with 12″ of color coded wire.  No guessing on which wire is which color aspect!

With the BLMA signal heads being MIA for some time, BeNscale is filling a big hole in the market!  See the photos below: