BLMA has announced a second run of their 64′ Trinity reefer boxcar this time in CEFX road paint and with new ASD door and new Thermo King refrigeration units. Built by Trinity Rail starting in late 2003, the unique 64′ Reefer Box Car was designed for increased capacity, shipping protection, and loading/unloading efficiency.  Large enough to fit the equivalent of four 53′ truck trailer contents, these excess height, plate ‘F’ cars have given new life to the once flourishing refrigerated movement of produce and other perishable goods.

The BMLA model will be available in 24 different road numbers, fine-scale 36″ metal wheel sets, micro-trains couplers and all the fine detail found on the first run of Union Pacific reefers. Look for these to arrive in hobby stores summer of 2012. You can find more info at BLMA’s website HERE.

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