News of new roadname releases for Broadway Limited this October, came via Brooklyn Locomotive Works today.  Roadnames for the E6 model include: Atlantic Coast Line (A & B Unit), Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe (A & B Unit), Kansas City Southern (A Unit), Louisville & Nashville (A Unit), Milwaukee Road (A Unit), Southern (A Unit), and Union Pacific/Chicago & Northwestern (A & B Unit).


E7 roadnames in the October release are: CB&Q (Red nose stripes), Maine Central, New York Central (A & B Unit), Pennsylvania (A & B Unit), Pere Marquette, Union Pacific/Southern Pacific/Chicago & Northwestern – City of San Francisco Scheme, and Wabash.


The E8 releases include: Amtrak (A & B Unit), Chicago & Northwestern, Illinois Central – Executive Scheme, Milwaukee Road, Missouri Pacific, Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac, Rock Island, Frisco, and Union Pacific.