exactrail PS 2CD 4427 hopper

ExactRail has announced newly updated versions of their N scale PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper and Trinty Hy-Cube TTX Boxcar. The updated models feature ExactRail’s newly tooled body-mounted draft box with Micro-Trains #1015 couplers. The models also feature ASF 100 ton “Ride Control” trucks with metal wheel sets. The N scale Trinty Hy-Cube TTX box car is available in 18 new road numbers and can be found on ExactRails website HERE. The new run of N scale PS-2CD 4427 covered hopper is available in six different roads (Chessie System, Soo Line, Burlington Northern, Lehigh Valley, Chicago Northwestern and ATSF) each in six different numbers and can be found on ExactRail’s website HERE.

nscale exacrail PS 2CD 4427 hopper

nscale trinity 50ft hy-cube boxcar1