Fox Valley Models has formally announced their first run of the iconic Milwaukee Road bay window rib side caboose. By the late 1920s, newly constructed freight cars were taller than most caboose cupolas. This prompted the invention of the bay window caboose, pioneered by the Milwaukee Road and the Baltimore & Ohio. Built with one set of windows on each side, projecting out from the side wall to form a viewing alcove, the bay window caboose allowed the conductor and brakeman to view each side of their moving train. This type of caboose was cheaper to build than the cupola, and also helped solve tunnel clearance problems faced by many eastern railroads. The Milwaukee Road bay window rib side units were built in Milwaukee’s own shops starting in 1939 through 1951 covering a span of more than seven different orders.

The Fox Valley versions represent over 75% of the fleet and feature etched roofwalks and wire grab irons. All-new straight or drop-frame trucks will feature FVM metal wheels and Micro-Trains couplers will be body mounted. Each truck and paint style will be available in two road numbers each. MSRP is $32.95 and reservations need to be in by May 6. Look for models to arrive in your local hobby store or online retailer in September.

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