Fox Valley Models news for April 2012. New numbers and roadnames on the N FMC5283 DD Boxcar – including new numbers on the first SP and SSW schemes from provious runs. There are also a few short lines in this batch including McCloud River, Arkansas & Missouri and the Ahnapee Western (an Itel owned railroad).

Part two of the April announcements is the release of more HO & N Hiawatha Cars and Locomotives. Fox Valley will make them available as separate items for this run. Customers can get just one piece, or build a whole second train to compliment the original run. There are 5 new coach numbers, the parlor will have the name “Ishkoodah” and the observation will be “Nokomis” – all are different from the original set. Two locos will be offered as well. Locomotive #2 will be in the original scheme with Maroon numbers under the cab. Locomotive #3 with have Gold Numbers and feature the large Indian logo on the tender.

In other miscellaneous news FVM is expecting a new shipment to arrive mid-April or so with the HO and N express cars and bunk coaches. N scale Milwaukee Road rib-side cabooses and more metal wheel sets should also be in. Look for those in your hobby stores at the end of April.

Matt also updated that the GP60M and B locomotives are progressing but not as fast as anyone would like. At this point he is expecting a “summer” release and will keep us posted.

Lastly, FVM will be producing *all* the GEVO NS Heritage schemes. FVM is working on artwork for all the GEVO units as fast as NS can paint them. Matt has been reading all the comments and requests on an updated cab for the NS series and reports that he is “exploring options”. Look for an announcements on these schemes soon.