Intermountain has announced a new run of their R-70-20 refrigerated cars. The InterMountain  R-70-20 Refrigerator Car is a scale replica of the last series of mechanical refrigerator cars purchased by Pacific Fruit Express. The prototype was manufactured from 1969 through 1972, by Pacific Car and Foundry. Similar cars were also manufactured for the Northern Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern Railroad. The cars were rated at 70 tons, had 10 ft 6 in wide door openings, and were equipped with load dividers. Upon the breakup of PFE, the PFE cars were divided between the Southern Pacific Railroad (SPFE), and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPFE). These cars have had a long service life, working into the current time while undergoing significant modification to the refrigeration systems. 

The model is available in a number of different paint schemes and road numbers. 


MSRP – $11.50   Available – August/September 2018