kato gg1 conrail bicentennial

Kato has announced a number of new items arriving this month including the MAXI I units, bicentennial Conrail GG1, new MAXI IV units, new Metra and VIA bi-levels and addition Amtrak units.

First is the long-awaited Gunderson Maxi-I BNSF swoosh 5-unit intermodal units (below) are on the water and will arrive at the end of April. This new model features the same hybrid metal-plastic frame found in Kato’s Maxi-IV model that adds weight and looks more realistic than a straight-up plastic model. The BNSF units will ship first in three road numbers and should be available at the end of April. More information can be found on Kato’s website HERE.

Also shipping this month is the Conrail bicentennial paint scheme GG1 (pictured at the top of the page) and a reissue of the tuscan red five stripe GG1 #4913. More information on the latest GG1 releases can be found on Kato’s website HERE.

A few other re-runs of previous units in new road numbers will also arrive at the end of April including additional Maxi IV intermodal units (info HERE), more Metra and VIA bi-level units (info HERE) and Amfleet II Coach and Amfleet IV Viewliner sleeper and baggage car (info HERE).