Denver & Rio Grande Western
RD#: 101

This 3-2 heavyweight observation car is painted in Rio Grande gold, silver and black and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Originally a 900-950 series Pullman coach, this car was rebuilt into a business car in 1929. Included in the rebuild was an upgrade of its four-wheel trucks to smoother riding six-wheel trucks.

#144 00 160…$34.90


South Dakota Soybean Processors
RD#: SDPX 97034

This 56’ general service tank car is black with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. In late 1993, several soybean processors established the South Dakota Soybean Processors Cooperative, building a $32 million soybean processing plant in Volga, SD. There are currently over 2,000 farmer members invested in SDSP.

#110 00 340…$33.80


Norfolk & Western
RD#: 755

This 78’ heavyweight paired-window coach is maroon with buff lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1910s in order to help replace aging wooden cars, this car served until the mid-to-late 1960s before being retired. N&W used this car in mainline passenger trains.

#145 00 180…$32.90


Union Pacific
RD#: 500200

This 50’ standard box car with 10’ single door, no roofwalk, and short ladders is yellow with aluminum roof and a large UP shield and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1968 in Omaha, this general service box car has a cushioned underframe and DF loader. Union Pacific received 1,250 of these cars in several series blocks, with this car being of series 500200-500399.

#180 00 040…$31.80


Friendship Train Series – Car#9: ‘Ashtabula’
RD#: PFE 66370

This 40’ steel ice reefer with preco fan is brown with orange sides and runs on Bettendorf trucks. The 1947 Friendship Train collected food donated by Americans in cities all across the U.S. to be shipped to the people of France and Italy who desperately needed help following the end of World War II. Ultimately, over 250 railcars of food and clothing were donated.

#059 00 576…$26.95


HEINZ Series Car- #2
RD#: 472

This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with truss rods is brown with decorated sides and runs on Arch Bar trucks. The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz, first manufacturing horseradish. By the early 1900s, Heinz was manufacturing over 60 food products and relied heavily on their fleet of over 700 colorful billboard boxcars to distribute their products across the country.

#058 00 270…$28.95


Canadian National
RD#: CN 415009

This 50’ standard box car with 10’ single door, no roofwalk and short ladders is brown with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in the early 1970s as part of series 41500-415049 for CN for general service, it states “Canadian National” on one side and “Canadien National” on the reverse. Canadian National is a Class I freight railroad headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

#180 00 020…$25.90


Burlington Northern
RD#: BN 413315

This 50’ airslide hopper is green with white lettering and runs on 100-Ton Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in 1972 as part of series 413300-413334 with a special epoxy lining, these cars were specifically designed for use with fine-grained commodities, like powdered sugar, that could settle en-route making unloading difficult.

#098 00 080…$29.95


Pennsylvania Railroad
RD#: 2140/2148

These 40’ steel box cars with single door, murphy roof and side brake wheel are painted iron sesquioxide with white lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. These cars were part of more than one series used in express and bulk mail service on the head of passenger trains. The X29 was a popular choice due to its low profile that allowed it to move under the wire into Penn Station, New York.

#120 00 261…$23.90
#120 00 262…$23.90




Micro-Mouse Christmas Car
RD#: 2017

This 60’ excess height box car with double plug doors and rivet sides runs on 100-Ton Barber Roller Bearing Trucks. Micro-Mouse and family leave the toasty comfort of their home and venture out into a winter wonderland in search of the perfect Christmas tree. This year they were pleasantly surprised to find a tree made of cheese!

#102 00 130…$27.95


STAX Container
RD#: 930107

This 53’ corrugated container with vertical ribs on front end is marooon with yellow logo and lettering. STAX was a container pool and logistics organization formed as a joint venture between CSX Intermodal and Union Pacific.

#469 00 070…$16.95

These Items Are Not On Standing Orders

***All undecorated bodystyles come unassembled.

Undec…#469 00 002…$8.75



Trailer Train 3-pack
RD#: 56811, 56812, 56816

70’ Husky Stack Well Car

#993 00 133…$84.95

**Pre-orders were taken for this in May 2017




Union Pacific 8-Pack

Pre-orders were taken for this item in June 2017

#993 00 814…$184.95



**Renderings shown for representation purposes only

Z Heavyweight Modernized Business Car

As heavyweight passenger cars gave way to smooth side lightweight service, many observation cars were modernized with new sheet metal sides, improved windows and upgraded interiors from the 1950s to present day to attract both railroad and business customers giving them renewed life. This model will feature accurate surface detail, new heavyweight 6-wheel trucks and photo etched railing on the observation deck.



**Renderings shown for representation purposes only

Available Mid-Month!

Southern Pacific
RD#: 2621/2632/2658

These SW1500 powered locomotives are grey with white lettering and run on Flexicoil trucks. By the mid-1960s, Southern Pacific® was in need of new switcher locomotives to replace its aging fleet of Alcos, Baldwins, and early EMDs. From 1967 to 1973, SP placed several orders of SW1500s totaling over 240 units. One of the final orders was in 1972, forming series 2613-2679 to which these locomotives belong.

#986 00 513…Rd#2621…$184.95
#986 00 514…Rd#2632…$184.95
#986 00 515…Rd#2658…$184.95


**Renderings shown for representation purposes only


RD#: 3

This SW1500 powered locomotive is blue with white band and NASA logo and runs on Flexicoil trucks. Built in 1970 for TP&W Railway as #306. NASA bought the locomotive in 1984 along with two sister units to replace their aging Alco S2 switchers. Originally painted red, grey and white, it was repainted in 2008 in blue, white and red as part of a 15-month corrosion repair project.

#986 00 080…$194.95

**Pre-orders were taken for these in Jan/Feb 2017


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Civil War Era Central Pacific Logging Train Set

#993 01 510…$224.95

*Locomotive is Atlas 4-4-0 decorated by Micro-Trains

**Pre-orders were taken for these in Jan/Feb 2017



**Renderings shown for representation purposes only

N Friendship Train 3-pack

Accepting Pre-Orders thru October 31st – Coming February 2018

This 3-pack is not part of the Friendship Train Series Standing Order.
You must pre-order this pack separately.

This add-on 3-Pack to the Friendship Train Series will consist of a NYC 40’ Box Car decorated in the formal ‘Friendship Train’ colors and herald, a Pennsylvania 50’ box car with banner from the employees of PRR, and a DL&W 40’ box car with banner from the people of Hoboken, New Jersey. The 1947 Friendship Train had over 250 cars that travelled from Los Angeles to New York City. Contact your dealers to order this 3-pack so you can expand your Friendship Train consist!

#993 01 670…$89.95


**Renderings shown for representation purposes only

Ringling Bros. Ad Car #4

Accepting Pre-Orders thru October 31st – Coming March 2018

Throughout the years Ringling Bros. used a variety of advertising, or ‘ad’ cars, that traveled with the train or in advance of the train to promote the coming show. This single car is based on a real Ringling Bros. ad car and is the fourth release. More ad cars will be offered in the months ahead.

#140 00 210…$33.95


N Southern Pacific
RD#: 481364, 481381, 481393, 481398

Accepting Pre-Orders thru October 31st – Coming March 2018

Ortner Hopper

#993 00 138…$109.95


More information can be found on Micro-Trains website HERE