Northern Pacific
Road Number NP 1359

This 78’ Heavyweight paired-window coach is two-tone green with white lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. This car continued to serve Northern Pacific through the mid-1960s.

#145 00 320…$34.90

New York Central
Road Number 18096

This 34’ wood sheathed caboose with straight cupola is green with white band and white lettering and runs on Bettendorf Swing Motion trucks. As one of NYC’s “safety cabooses” of the 1960s, it displayed the message “Life is like a baseball game. It is the number of times you get home safe that counts.”

#051 00 320…$32.90

Chicago & North Western®
Road Number CNW 14303/14307

These 40’ despatch stock cars are yellow and green with yellow lettering and run on Andrews trucks. Rebuilt in the mid-1950s at the Council Bluffs shop, these single deck stock cars were sold to United States Railway Equipment and then leased back to CNW for use across the Midwest.

*CNW® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#035 00 281…$27.60
#035 00 282…$27.60

Ozone Waters
Road Number GATX 27349

This 56’ general service tank car is white with blue band and sun logo and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This GATX tank car is leased to, and painted in the Ozone Waters scheme of the 1970s. Ozone is sometimes added to spring or mineral water during bottling to remove odors and neutralize any microorganisms that make it past filtration.

#110 00 400…$33.80

Union Pacific®
Road Number USAX 19420


This 50’ troop kitchen car is dark green and runs on Allied Full Cushion trucks. During WWII, Union Pacific produced a variety of morale-boosting posters that depicted the railroad’s involvement in supporting the war. This car’s poster features a train with the engineer waving in the foreground.

#118 00 200…$25.95

*UP® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Road Number HJHC 440


This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with truss rods is brown with yellow decorated sides and runs on Arch Bar trucks. With a fleet of 700 cars, HEINZ was able to ship their product by rail to major markets throughout the US. These yellow sided refrigerator cars represent railcars painted throughout the late 1900s and through the ‘teens’. All cars carried the distinctive “Heinz 57” but each car advertised a different product.

#058 00 420…$29.95

*The Heinz trademarks are owned by H.J. Heinz US Brands LLC and Kraft Heinz Ca

Norfolk Southern
Road Number NS 191339


This 50’ steel side, 14 panel, fixed end gondola with fishbelly sides is black with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in the 1960s, this 1980 cu.ft. car belonged to class G-12E and featured a cushioned underframe and was used for open-air coil steel loads.

#105 00 230…$26.90

Grand Trunk Western
Road Number GTW 599835

This 50’ standard box car with 8’ double sliding doors without roofwalk and short ladders is blue with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Grand Trunk Western Railroad can trace its roots back to 1858, when the Chicago, Detroit & Canada Grand Trunk Junction Railroad was formed. GTW was later absorbed by Canadian National.

#182 00 090…$24.85

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Road Number HUBU 280865/280877

These 48’ rib side containers are white and aluminum with circle cross logo. Formed in 1996 following the merger of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, BNSF is currently the largest freight railroad in the country, with over 32,000 miles of rail. At 48’ in length, these containers are commonly seen filling the space in the bottom position of intermodal well-cars, with equal-length or longer containers above them.

Rd#…280865…#468 00 141…$16.95
Rd#…280877…#468 00 142…$16.95


Custom Christmas Car

*Pre-orders for this were taken September 2018

#101 00 804..$39.95

Genesee & Wyoming SW1500 Locomotive


*Pre-orders were taken for these in January 2017

Logos and rd#’s will not be printed on loco. Rendering shows how the loco will come decorated. All other artwork will be included on the decal sheet.

Decal sheet includes the following logos and related markings: Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company, Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR, Commonwealth Railway, Corpus Christi Terminal RR, Portland & Western Railroad, Rail Link, Inc., Tomahawk Railway, Tazewell & Peoria RR, Quebec Gatineau Railway

#986 00 160…$174.95

CTCX 56′ General Service Tank Car 3-Pack
Road Number 730833, 730848, 730872

*Pre-orders were taken for these in June 2018


#993 00 147…$99.95

*Renderings shown for representation purposes only

Southern Pacific® Impact Car


Built for Southern Pacific, this 50’ boxcar was converted in the mid-1950s into an impact demonstration car. Serving to illustrate the importance of safe car handling, this car had a transparent sidewall to show cargo movement, along with force and speed gauges displaying data from each collision.

#031 00 490…$59.95

*Pre-orders were taken for this in May 2018
*SP® is a registered trademark of the Union

*Renderings shown for representation purposes only

Penn Central Heavyweight 5-pack

*Pre-orders were taken for these in June 2018


#993 01 750…$124.95

DODX ‘Mixed’ 3-Pack

*Pre-orders were taken for these in July 2017
*Tank Loads come unassembled and unpainted. Decals and instructions included.
*Rendering shown for representation only.

These 68’DODX flat cars are painted in three different greens with white lettering and run on Buckeye 6-wheel DODX trucks. Built by Fruit Growers Express in 1981, these heavy-duty Department of Defense flat cars belong to series 40000-40100. They’re used by the US Army and USMC to transport M1 Abrams tanks and other heavy military vehicles across the United States between bases for training and deployment.

#993 01 630…$124.95


*Rendering shown for representation only.

Illinois Central Heavyweight 5-Pack
RPO, Baggage Car, 2 Coach Cars, Business Car

Accepting Pre-Orders through November 30th

#993 01 790…$149.95

*Rendering shown for representation only.

Civil War Era ‘Blue Line’ 4-pack
Three 26′ Box Cars, One Flat Car

Accepting Pre-Orders through November 30th

#993 01 800…$89.95

*Rendering shown for representation only.

Union Pacific® 4-pack
50’ Auto Box Car, Double Side Doors & End Door
Road#161039, 161098, 161125, 161195

Accepting Pre-Orders through November 30th
*UP® is a registered trademark of the Union

#993 00 152…$99.95

M1 Abrams Tank 2-Pack Kit

(Parts for one tank shown)


*Kits come unassembled and undecorated
*Includes decal sheet and photo-etch chain tie-downs

#499 45 901…$19.95