Atlas has announced another run of 60 foot heavyweight-type passenger cars in a variety of roads and numbers. These 60 foot passenger cars are based mostly on Chicago & Northwestern prototypes with the observation car based on a CJN prototype. These can be stand-ins for a variety of different railroads, particularly given the lack of 60 foot cars available in the market. Quality of the units we’ve seen look very nice.   The model features:


  • Based upon C&NW and CNJ prototypes
  • Full scale dimensions and details
  • All cars include separately applied window glazing, diaphragms and roof vents
  • Observation car includes separately applied end railing details and a drumhead
  • Detailed interiors (excluding baggage car)
  • AccuMate® operating knuckle couplers

AVAILABLE: 4th quarter 2018

MSRP: Single Cars – $37.95 and 5-packs for $179.95

More information and preorders can be placed on the Atlas website HERE.