An N scale Schnabel is now available from Elgin Locomotive Works.  The largest railcar riding North American rails can ride the rails of your N scale layout.

This model of Schnabel CEBX 800 includes 47 cast resin parts, including a wire reinforced drawbar for empty running. Etched brass detail frets for railings, brake detail, stirrups and more are included.

Decals cover 4 paint schemes; Combustion Engineering, ABB, blank banners, no banners, including black CEBX800 for the sides of the white truck frames.

Trucks are not included but the model is designed to use BLMA trucks.  Their 100ton trucks with 36″ wheels are the closest available currently to the prototype’s 125ton trucks with 38″ wheels.

Porch ends are designed with body mount coupler pockets to fit MicroTrains couplers, couplers not included.

See website for more details and building tips.

Kit cost : $165.00 (see site for shipping)