Kato has announced more new n-scale goodies including a few surprises. First off are new E8/9 units in Amtrak Phase I and Penn Central schemes. And why those two schemes? There are two new passenger sets to go with the E-units – an Amtrak Phase I 4-car passenger set made of former Super Chief and CB&Q cars and a patchwork Penn Central passenger set. Lastly Kato has announced Maxi I intermodal double-stacks with TTX markings  and five-well units per set with 10 40-containers included. All of these items will be available early 2011. More information can be found at the following links:

N EMD E8A Amtrak Phase I and Penn Central
N Amtrak Phase I 4-Car Passenger Set
N Penn Central 4-Car Passenger Set
N Gunderson MAXI-I Double Stack Car Set TTX

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