Available in DC, DCC, and Special-order DCC and Sound! Kato USA will be re-issuing the N Scale EMD F3 and ALCO PA locomotives designed to pull the California Zephyr, along with the new release E5A’s in CB&Q’s “Red Band” paint scheme, scheduled to arrive at the end of August! All three of these engine types will be available as Standard Analog (DC) and with Ready to run DCC through your local hobby shop; with DCC and Sound versions being built-to-order on a special order basis. Please consult the announcement sheet for full information on pricing and contact your preferred hobby retailer to reserve these units!

In addition, Kato USA will be producing new N scale starter set versions of the Operation North Pole Christmas Train – available in both 2015 and 2016 versions, look for these sets on store shelves this coming Christmas!

Last but by no means least , Kato USA will be taking special orders for DCC and Sound equipped Union Pacific E8A locomotives! Only limited quantities of these will be available but like the E5’s, F3’s and PA’s, they will be available built-to-order, with deliveries throughout August as orders are received!

  • You can download a PDF copy of the current announcement sheet, including the Christmas Train Starter Sets, F3’s, PA’s, E5’s, and CZ by clicking the following link: Download (2MB PDF)
  • You can download a PDF copy of the E8 with Sound announcement sheet for details by clicking the following link: Download (200K PDF)