Bachmann has been busy as witnessed by their massive list of new N scale announcements at the NMRA 2011 show this past weekend.  Highlights are below and the full announcement brochure can be seen HERE.

Alco RS-3 with DCC On Board

Bachmann’s new RS-3 will come standard with DCC and will be available in Boston & Maine, Rio Grande, Western Maryland, Southern, Pennslyvania and New York Central.

ACF 50ft 6in Outside Braced Sliding Door Boxcar

Previously offered by Atlas in their Trainman series, this version of ACF’s 50′ 6″ outside braced box car will feature operating sliding doors and 100 ton trucks with what appear to be 36″ wheels.  First four roadnames will be Rail Box, Providence & Worcester, McCloud River, Middletown & New Jersey, Chattahoochee, and Burlington Northern.

Northeast Steel Caboose

This is the Reading version of the ubiquitous Northeastern Steel Caboose.  Walthers nee-Life-Like also offer a model of a Northeastern Steel Caboose but this Bachmann version will have window glass and body mounted knuckle couplers.  Available roadnames will include Reading, Lehigh Valley, Western Maryland, Maine Central, Norfolk & Western, and painted-unlettered Caboose Red.

AAR 40ft Steel Boxcar

No photo was included, but Bachmann is listing an AAR 40′ box car in Chicago & Illinois Midland, PRR (Merchandise Service), UP-Automated Railway, New Haven, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo, and Bangor & Aroostook.

ACF 36ft 6in 10,000 Gallon Single Dome Tank Car

This fantastic looking sample of a 10,000 Gallon tank car features separate handrail and ladders, body mounted couplers, and will be available in Owenwood Motor Oil, Sparton Oil Company, Frontenac, Texaco, Phillips 66, and C.F. Simmin’s Sons.

EMC Gas Electric Doodlebug with Trailer Coach

While Bachmann had previously released the Doodlebug, the 72′ Paired Window Coach is a new model and features new 4-wheel Pullman trucks with electrical pickup.  The coaches look to feature separate wire grab irons as well.  Hopefully separate coaches won’t be far behind.  The Doodlebug sets will come in Painted-Unlettered (green), Baltimore & Ohio, Boston & Maine, Maryland & Pennsylvania, Seaboard, and New York Central.

USRA Light 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive

Looks like 3 new tender’s will be included among the USRA light 2-10-2 models announced by Bachmann in Painted-Unlettered (black), Chicago & Illinois Midland, Southern, Duluth Missabe & Iron Range, Canadian National, Seaboard, and Kansas City Southern.

Full Gallery of N Scale Models