Atlas sent along a few samples of their new runs of 40′ Wood Reefers and Trainman line Thrall 4750 Covered Hoppers which should be arriving at your favorite hobby shop now. 

40ft Wood Reefer

This run of 40′ Wood Reefers, based on the refrigerator cars built by Pullman for Northern Refrigerator Car Co (1930), includes many colorful schemes from the era before advertising graphics were banned from freight cars.  Atlas included Doggie Dinner and Plochman & Harrison (pictured below) along with Red Top Milk, Frazier’s Packing, Great Falls Beer, Glenbeulah Canning Company, and North Western.

This is the first time we’ve featured the Atlas 40′ Wood Reefers on Model:160, so we took an extra photo of the operating ice hatches on these cars.  The mold work is very fine and there are no extra parts to add.  Simply flip up the latch, swing up the hatch, and prop it open with the latch arm.

Trainman Thrall 4750 cuft Covered Hopper

The Thrall 4750 Hoppers are available in several roadnames including Missouri Pacific, Chicago Freight Car, Chicago, West Pullman & Southern, two CSX schemes, Great Lakes Carbon (INTX) and Specialty Minerals. 

Pictured below is the second CSX scheme available – a patched RF&P hopper which has been painted out for CSX.  This may be the lower cost Trainman line, but the paint and printing on this car is phenominal.  The detail right down to the old RF&P lettering on the raised ribs is included!  We’re very impressed with this hopper, and it will provide a nice sense of merger history on your railroad.