Take a minute and just stare at this cover.  We’ve removed the article teasers just so you can focus on the modeling.

Mike Danneman has the knack.  No, this isn’t super detailed rivet-for-rivet modeling.  There aren’t separate grab irons on the engines. There aren’t scale wheels or couplers.  This is overall scenic art. 

Things that would be obvious scale issues are addressed… the orphaned truck has had it’s oversize N scale bolster hole modified so it doesn’t scream N scale.  The GN boxcar is obviously wrecked, but it doesn’t have the cracked plastic or melted-with-a-soldering-iron damaged look that so many other modelers have created for their N-trak module wreck scenes.  The open engine compartment doors on the Rio Grande GP are a nice touch.  And the scenery is first rate as always on this layout.  The foreground objects appear large while the scenery decreases in size and blends seamlessly into the backdrop to create a sense of space.

The overall modeling is clean and crisp in that way that says Mike Danneman.

And we thank Kirk Reddie for once again publishing Mike’s work.  This is issue #66 for Kirk, and closes out the 11th year of N Scale Railroading

But don’t think that the only hook for buying this issue is the cover story.  This issue has another great mix of feature articles including some electronics in the form of a PDX telephone system for your layout and flicker free car lighting.  It has rolling stock features for modeling a BN open autorack and a PRR B60B baggage car.  It has a super detailing article in the form of a CNJ commuter GP-7.  Structures are covered by a bridge building article showing a use for some H0 bridge parts.  And finally, a whole train is modeled as Keith Kohlmann models a 1970’s C&NW way freight.  All good stuff and it’s capped off by an observations column by the publisher himself.

This issue will be on news stands shortly!