George Hollwedel of Prototype N Scale Models has commissioned Atlas to produce Western Pacific’s aluminum scheme on their new 40′ PS-1 Boxcar model. The car will feature the bold orange feather scheme crisply printed across the seven-foot Youngstown doors as well as the sides.  The “compartmentizer equipped” series is featured in this release, with three car numbers available (WP 19503, WP 19510 and WP 19517).  The cars in this series are the first to wear the silver scheme and featured silver ends.  Subsequent cars that wore the scheme received black ends.  The model also will include full dimensional data and markings, including builder’s stencils.

PNS is offering the cars both as a three-pack ($59.95) and as single cars ($20.95), with a $6 per-order domestic shipping/handling fee ($12 for foreign destinations).  The cars will be released at the same time as the first stock Atlas run of the PS-1 Boxcar, currently slated for the 3rd quarter of 2012.  Advance reservations are being accepted, contact proto.nscale@yahoo.com for further information.