PRR-Parts has developed a highly accurate resin kit of Pennsy’s FM class 40′ flat cars.  While these cars were built between 1902 and 1913, they lasted in revenue service well into the 1950’s and served MOW duties even later. 

The resin kit incorporates half a MTL body mount coupler box molded into the body, allowing a nice low ride height. 

Kits include bodies, steps, decals, and brake wheels to outfit a pair of cars in PRR, PRR-MOW, or B&O’s P-11 class.  Check out all the information at .

In later years these shorter flats were used in idler flat service when loads on adjacent cars overhung.  In that service, these cars would pair well with a long drop-end mill gondola like the ESM Pennsy G26 Mill Gondola