ScaleTrains has announced an N scale version of the unique GE C39-8 locomotive at the N scale Convention in Salt Lake City. This unique prototype was only purchased by Conrail and Norfolk Southern, but could be found as run through power on numerous railroads.

Introduced in 1984, the C39-8 maintained the clean contours of the long hood and rounded cab roof of the Dash-7 series but featured larger, angular radiator “wings” at the rear of the carbody, an angular low short hood, and a boxy dynamic brake and clean air compartment at the front of the long hood, which jutted above the cab roofline.

ScaleTrains Rivet Counter model includes two phase variations (II, and III), with GSC  trucks, and loads of details we have come to expect. ScaleTrains has put out a video highlighting the numerous features of this latest offering:

The model features:

  • All-new model
  • Fully assembled
  • Up to six (6) road numbers, detailed per prototype and era
  • Directional LED headlights
  • Printed LED lighted number boards
  • Phase Ib, II, and III carbodies with correct panels and grilles per variant
  • Standard (2-vent) or high-capacity (3-vent) dynamic brakes per prototype
  • Early (6-panel) or late (4-panel) radiator exhaust grilles
  • Wheel handbrakes
  • GSC truck sideframes
  • GE “nub” tread plate on walkways
  • Highly-detailed 4,400 gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and gauges
  • Air reservoirs with separate plumbing
  • Accurately profiled frame with separately applied plumbing and cabling
  • Cab interior
  • Factory-applied wire grab irons, snowplow, spare knuckles, trainline hoses, 3-hose MU clusters, MU cables, uncoupling levers, windshield wipers, mirrors, air reservoirs, underframe bell, brake wheel, and more.
  • Body mounted plastic semi-scale E Type knuckle coupler All-wheel drive
  • All-wheel electrical pick-up
  • Dual flywheels
  • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature
  • Printing and lettering legible under magnification
  • Operates on Code 55, and 80 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model
  • Minimum Radius: 9 ¾”
  • Recommended Radius: 11”


DCC & sound equipped locomotives also feature

  • ESU-LokSound Next18 Select Micro DCC and sound decoder with “Full Throttle”
  • “Sugar cube” type speaker
  • Accurate GEVO-12 prime mover and auxiliary sounds, horn, bell, and more
  • Operates on both DC and DCC layouts


DCC & sound ready locomotives also feature

  • DCC ready with Next18 connector
  • Operates on DC layouts

 AVAILABLE: Fall 2018

MSRP: DCC – $134.99     DCC with Sound – $224.99

Preorders and lots more information including numerous photos can be found on the ScaleTrains website HERE.