Atlas has several new announcements for September.

First up is another run of Alco RS-1’s in GM&O, Milw, NdeM, NH, NYC, ATSF, Soo, and Washington Terminal.  The RS-1’s have DCC ready frames and are scheduled for delivery in second quarter 2014. 

In N scale rolling stock look for new runs of 1932 ARA Boxcars (CofG, Erie, MEC, NS, NS&StL, SAL) 11,000 Gallon Tank Cars (Warren, Ryan RuralGas, Hooker, Canadian Liquid Air, DuPont, MCVX “Safety Train”, PSPX, Union Petroleum, USAX) and 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers (CMO, GN, DL&W, KGB&W, MP, USAX).