Eastern Seaboard Models should be thanked for showing other manufacturers the way to body mounted couplers as standard equipment. At Springfield this weekend they are showing their newest iteration, an extended cushioned draft gear box, on the upcoming PRR X58 boxcar series.


The topside of the X58’s is equally impressive with accurate painting and lettering per road number, right down to the AEI labels!. Several variations of the PRR and LV schemes were shown.




Bryan at ESMC is also experimenting with bleeding edge manufacturing techniques including various form of rapid prototyping. He displayed some great examples of this technology including a White Tower restaurant with interior and two gondolas. The resolution of RP machines has reached the quality that ESMC is planning to release the White Tower as straight RP product right off the machine. The gons are being test cast in resin as we speak for a potential craftsman style resin kit release. These are exciting developments and the possibilities are limitless!