Tangent Scale Models is jumping into N scale with a quad hopper in a variety of road names and numbers. First produced in 1974 by Bethlehem Steel as UP class H-100-10, production of a majority of the fleet occurred in UP’s Albina Shops in Portland OR between 1976 and 1981. Production of this important fleet ended with the H-100-23 class, after UP placed more than 6,400 of these “quad” hoppers in service in the rapidly-growing Western low-sulfur coal market. Tangent’s model features:

– Highly accurate “true to life” colors
– Exact fonts and lettering placement
– Painted, scale-sized wire grabirons and coupler lift bars for strength and durability
– Air hoses
– Thin-profile brake piping
– See-through etched metal brake platforms
– L-shaped end-sheet supports
– Interior bracing detail
– Highly-detailed hopper bay outlet gates
– “Narrow appearance” coupler box with Kadee® scale couplers
– Ready-to-operate model with hidden weights
– Tangent 100-ton N-11 trucks with free-rolling metal wheels
– A “Tangent-accurate” non-symmetrical, properly-sloped coal load
– Dimensional accuracy – scaled from prototype plans
– Select car numbers from online or published sources, focusing on late era numbers to represent more than 35 years in continuous operation

Tangent Scale Models note – “The Tangent Scale Models prototype replica of the Union Pacific Bethlehem design quad hopper has never been produced in N scale, making it a distinctive addition to any freight car fleet.  Our stunning N Scale Quad Hopper model is loaded with detail.  We set out to produce an N Scale car that is worthy of the Tangent brand, bringing as much of our industry-leading HO Scale execution and detail as possible packed in an N Scale box.

However, we are not terribly new to N scale.  In the past, Tangent’s research packages and artwork have contributed to some of your favorite BLMA freight cars in N scale: the ACF Welded Gondola, GATC Dry-Flo Covered Hopper, 60′ GSC Flatcar, and PS 4000 Covered Hopper.

We maintain strong emphasis on accurate reproduction of the prototype, as well as disciplined execution of each model.  Finally, we design our products to be utilized in operating environments.”

MSRP – $32.95
AVAILABLE – September 17, 2018

More information and pre-orders can be found on the Tangent Scale Models website HERE.