Wheels of Time have announced N scale Western Pacific F7 units. The locomotives were Western Pacific’s last EMD F-7 units in revenue service, numbered 913, 917, 918, and 921. These will be exclusive made by Intermountain Railway Company just for Wheels of Time. 

Background on the model:

By the mid-1970s, the Western Pacific Railroad, being short of working capital, elected to continue to run it’s final four F-units instead of trading them in for newer power. In 1975, the alpha suffixes locomotive numbering were dropped. WP rebuilt Nos. 913 and 921 at Morrison-Knudsen while Nos. 917 and 918 were rebuilt at their own shops in Stockton. They were repainted green with orange stripes except for No. 913. No. 913 was chosen to be repainted in orange and silver with large Western Pacific across the side. 913 became the most photgraphed F unit in the west. They were assigned to power freight trains between Stockton and San Jose, CA such as on the Auto Parts Forwarder (to Ford Milpitas assembly plant), San Jose Manifest (to Stockton), or the San Jose Turn. These final four F-units attracted attention from the railfan community and were nicknamed as the “Fabulous Four”. Locomotives 913 and 918 were retired sometime in 1982, and 917 and 921 lasted until Union Pacific took over WP. All four units are happily now retired. WP RR Museum has 917, 921; Calif. State Railroad Museum has 913; the Niles Canyon Railway has 918.

These units includes Intermountain’s newly revised and tooled mechanism for DC (DCC ready plug’n play), DCC installed, or DCC with ESU LokSound operations. A certain number of advanced reservations are needed to make this special run happen, so click over to the Wheels of Time website (HERE) to reserve yours now.

Deadline for reservations is December 20, 2017. Estimated release date is summer 2018.