Buried in Woodland Scenics newsletter for February 2018 is a short teaser of their new FieldScape System coming soon. Here is the quote from the newsletter:

“Introducing the FieldScape System

The FieldScape System combines everything you need for creating realistic meadows, fields and pastures.

This system has an easy-to-use Applicator and multiple lengths of Static Grass in subtle color variations. The system provides simple and easy options for modeling tall grasses, thickets and briar patches. There are Accent Colors for creating highlights and lowlights, as well as Flowers to add color and interest.

Use the FieldScape System products with easy-to-follow techniques for a simple way to mimic nature with incredible realism.”

The following photo was included in the blurb:

We reached out to Woodland Scenics and they aren’t telling us anything official yet as final details are being sorted out, but our guess is this will be a complete static grass/field system similar to Woodland’s Water System. It would appear that Woodland Scenics is going to offer a static grass applicator,  new static grass products in a variety of lengths and flowers and maybe bush material as well (based on the photo above). The colors look more vibrant than in the past and hopefully Woodlands offers some of the shorter 1mm and 2mm lengths for smaller scales and tree usage (hint, hint). 

As soon as we know more, we’ll pass the information along!