ZoomCo is setting a new standard in N scale resin structures with their very first release.  This is their “Old Country Road Scene” and includes a detailed barn and several scenic accessories to help you create a great focal point on your layout. And to top it off, this model comes fully assembled and weathered! The photos below are of the barn as it arrives – straight out of the box. 

This isn’t some 1/2 inch thick bulky casting either.  This is some of the thinnest casting we’ve seen and all textures and materials are impeccably captured.  Not only are the exposed boards in the roof, the ends of the roof rafters, and impossible thin window frames precisely molded, but the model also features full interior framing as seen below:

But wait, there’s more.  Since this is a “Scene” kit, you get two rolls of flexible country road material (one straight and one curved), three telephone poles with wire, two sections of fence, and two end of road barricades.  Everything is fully weathered and ready to place in your scenery of choice. 

This kit is a steal of a deal at $64.50 and is available exclusively through Online Trains in Lakewood, WA.  There will only be 150 of these kits (or less if the molds wear out faster) but more kits are in the works now.  We can’t wait to see what’s next from ZoomCo.

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