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UP 8000-8009 Series:

Kato (City of Los Angeles – 2011)
Union Pacific 8004


After being ordered in 1954, Union Pacific took delivery of fifteen American Car & Foundry Plan 76-1940 (Lot 4098) Dome Diners in 1955.  These cars were the first of their kind, offering dining service for 18 patrons in the dome itself.  A dumb waiter brought food from the kitchen to the dome, and two waiters were assigned to staff the dome section itself.  UP dining car service truely was top notch.  The cars were delivered in UP’s Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey.  The trucks were painted Grey upon delivery, but the bearing caps appeared to be painted silver to indicate roller bearings.  Of the ten cars, five were assigned to the City of Los Angeles and five to the City of Portland.


N Scale Models

In April 2011, Kato released the 11-car City of Los Angeles set which included a single Dome Diner 8004. This car is pictured here.

Other Schemes

These cars were only painted in UP’s Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey.  The 10 cars were numbered 8000-8009.


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Book: Ranks, Harold E. and William W. Kratville, The Union Pacific Streamliners, Kratville Publications, 1974.

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Union Pacific City of Los Angeles
Union Pacific City of Portland

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