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UP 6200-6208 Series:

Kato (City of Los Angeles – 2011)
Union Pacific 6203


Club Lounges 6200-6208 on the Union Pacific were originally nine River series Club Lounges that were delivered by ACF in 1949.  Originally named Loup, Platte, Columbia, Colorado, Green, Mojave, Portneuf, Payette, and Weber Rivers, the cars featured a barber shop complete with shower, and lounge seating for 38 passengers.  In 1956 the cars lost their River names and were renumbered 6200-6208.  The barber shop was listed in UP’s car diagram as being converted to storage space as well.  This is the car that Kato modeled.  Then, in 1959, they were remodeled and the former barber shop, shower, and steward’s room were converted to a card room with two tables and seating for 11.  This remodeling changed the small windows in this area of the car (full height-half height-full height for the steward’s room, barber shop, and shower respectively) into three larger windows matching the size of the rest of the lounge windows.  With an extra set of windows from Kato, the later car could be modeled just by enlarging the window openings in this area and inserting lounge windows from the Kato insert.  No painting would be necessary, just careful carving of new window openings.


N Scale Models

In April 2011, Kato released the 11-car City of Los Angeles set which included a single Club Lounge 6203. This car is pictured here.

Other Schemes

These cars were only painted in UP’s Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey.  The 9 cars were numbered 6200-6208.  One could also model the earlier cars, pre-1956, by adding River series names: Loup, Platte, Columbia, Colorado, Green, Mojave, Portneuf, Payette, and Weber River.

With a little kitbashing, a post 1959 version of the car with card table and extra lounge space in place of the barber shop and steward’s room could be modeled as mentioned above.  Another possibility for this model would be the 6100-6105 Dormitory-Club-Lounge cars that were built by ACF at the same time.  These cars featured dormitory space with 3-tier bunks in place of the barber shop and steward’s room. 

Chicago & North Western also purchased two identical cars, 7900 & 7901, from ACF under lot 3041 in 1949.  They were painted in C&NW’s original green and yellow with silver lettering and black pinstripes, as well as the later simplified yellow and green with yellow letterboard lettering.  Photos of both schemes appear in Morning Sun’s C&NW Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, Volume 1.


Links & Resources

Book: Ranks, Harold E. and William W. Kratville, The Union Pacific Streamliners, Kratville Publications, 1974.
Book: Kinkaid, James, C&NW Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, Volume 1: Passenger Cars, Cabooses, And Acquired Roads, Morning Sun Books, 2008.

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