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UP 5631-5663 Series:

Kato (City of Los Angeles – 2011)
Union Pacific 5643


At 85′ over the end buffers, these Union Pacific Baggage Cars were certainly full length.  Built by American Car & Foundry to plan 7679560 in two lots, 3810 & 4094, they were delivered in 1954.  The cars were equipped with a lavatory, hopper, water cooler, desk, and wardrobe for a riding crew member. Thus, the cars received a red star under the Railway Express Agency lettering denoting that they were equipped for messenger service. They rode on roller bearing equipped 6-wheel trucks. 


N Scale Models

In April 2011, Kato released the 11-car City of Los Angeles set which included a single Baggage car 5643.  This car is pictured here.

Other Schemes

These cars were only painted in UP’s Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey.  The 33 cars were numbered 5631-5663.

The general layout of these cars was a popular choice for the Union Pacific.  Earlier Pullman Standard (1941-Plan 7469) and ACF (1949-Plan 7667151) baggage cars had the same overall length and door arrangement, but had four rectangular windows in each door instead of the single window of the Kato model.  Doors could be substituted to add some variety to your fleet.  There were also later versions from ACF (1961) and St. Louis Car Co. (1962) with the single window doors.  That’s 103 single window and 35 four window full length baggage cars as counted from the UP diagrams in the UP Streamliners book!  If you plan to model a UP mail train, you need a handful of these ubiquitous baggage cars. 


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Book: Ranks, Harold E. and William W. Kratville, The Union Pacific Streamliners, Kratville Publications, 1974.

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