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Kato (City of Los Angeles – 2011)
Union Pacific Pacific Guard


These Budd 10 Bedroom 6 Roomette sleepers were the first cars that Union Pacific ordered from the Budd Company.  Fifty were built in 1949 and featured Budd’s standard stainless steel construction with full corrugations on the sides and roof.  The letter board remained smooth the length of the car however.  While other railroads left their Budd cars in polished stainless steel, Union Pacific painted these sleepers in their standard streamliner livery of Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey.  All cars were named in the Pacific series.  Five of the cars were sold to the Milwaukee Road in 1968 (Pacific Bridge, Cruiser, Guard, Harbour, and Light).


N Scale Models

In April 2011, Kato released the 11-car City of Los Angeles set which included a single Pacific series sleeper, Pacific Guard. This car is pictured here. It is interesting to note that Kato’s earlier Budd releases included a 10-6 based on the CB&Q cars.  These earlier 10-6 sleepers had the same window arrangement, but full skirting and a corrugated letter board.  Regardless, the UP model appears to be all new tooling including clip on trucks.

Other Schemes

I believe I’ve seen photos of these cars in two-tone gray, so some may have been delivered that way.  All eventually received the standard UP streamliner yellow and gray. 

The Pacific series names included Bay, Beach, Beauty, Bend, Bridge (1968-Milw), Cape, Castle, Command, Cove, Crest, Cruiser (1968-Milw), Domain, Emblem, [missing name here?-blank on UP car diagram], Falls, Forum, Forest, Gardens, Guard (1968 Milw), Harbor (1968-Milw), Heights, Hills, Home, Island, Light (1968-Milw), Lodge, Meadow, Mist, Northwest, Ocean, Park, Patrol, Peak, Plateau, Range, Rest, Ridge, Sands, Scene, Shore, Skies, Slope, Spray, Sunset, Terrace, Trail, Union, View, Waters, Waves.  They were eventually numbered 1401-1444 on the UP, with the Milw cars numbered 3-37. 

Many eventually went to Amtrak in 1971. 

Similar Budd 10-6 sleepers for CB&Q and Santa Fe are better modeled with other Kato releases, so no need to modify these UP cars for those roads.


Links & Resources

Book: Ranks, Harold E. and William W. Kratville, The Union Pacific Streamliners, Kratville Publications, 1974.

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