Available N Scale Models

Plan 7579A (Lot 6806) Diners:

SP 10202 Overland Gray (CCS7050-01)
SP 10203 Overland Gray (CCS7050-02)
SP 10209 COSF (CCS7051-01)

Plan 7581 Diners:

SP ‘Golden Chalice’ Golden State (CCS7052-01)
SP ‘Golden Necter’ Golden State (CCS7052-02)
SP 10206 Sunset (CCS7053-01)
SP 10208 Sunset (CCS7053-02)


In 1949, Southern Pacific took delivery of 5 dining cars from Pullman Standard. These cars were built to Plan 7579A. Four cars were delivered in the Overland two-tone-gray (TTG) scheme, while the fifth car was painted Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray to match UP equipment in the City of San Francisco pool.

Pullman Standard Plan 7581 diners were visually the same on the outside, with a slightly different seating arrangement inside. SP took deliver of these cars in the striking red & silver “Golden State” scheme. In early 1953 SP began repainting their Golden State equipment to the simplified silver with red letterboard “Sunset” style scheme.


N Scale Models

In January 2011, Centralia Car Shops announced an N scale model of this car as their “Western” Diner. The model is injection molded plastic and features CCS standards such as battery powered lighting, wire grab irons, interior, and Micro-Trains trucks and couplers. CCS is doing the four prototype SP schemes in the first release, with two roadname/numbers of each except the COSF scheme as only a single prototype car was painted in UP colors.


Other Schemes

Centralia Car Shops also released this model in several other paint schemes, but none are 100% accurate. The Great Northern Lake series cars arn’t offered in a 100% prototypical model in N scale yet, but the mirror-image ConCor smoothside diner is perhaps the closest to date. Another option for GN is to use the Kato UP-prototype smoothside diner. Nothern Pacific had P-S diners somewhat similar in appearance, but with fewer kitchen windows. Likewise, CN had some P-S diners as well, and until a prototype model is released, this CCS car is available ready to run.



Surviving SP Diner 10202, now in L&N colors.
Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society “SP Passenger Cars Vol 4: Dining Service Cars”

More Information

As always, if you have more information to share about this particular prototype car, or want to share your N scale model or consist information, please post a reply and we can keep this resource up-to-date.

Appropriate Passenger Trains:

Southern Pacific “Overland”
Southern Pacific/Union Pacific/Chicago & North Western “City of San Francisco”
Rock Island/Southern Pacific “Golden State”

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