Available N Scale Models

Kato UP Yellow & Grey releases:
December 1992
106-014: 1 (UP) in 6 car set.  No #.
106-024: 1 (UP) in 4 car set.  No #.
December 1998
106-1001: 1 (UP) in 4 car set. No #.
106-1002: 1 (UP) in 4 car set. No #.
106-1101: 1 (UP) in 4 car set. No #.
106-1102: 1 (UP) in 4 car set. No #.
February 1999
106-1201: 1 (SP) in 4 car set. No #.
July 2004
106-5012: 3 (UP 5421 & 5447)
and (WAB 1431) in 4 car set.
April 2008
106-1054: 1 (UP) in 4 car set.
Numbers needed.
April 2011
106-080: 2 (UP 5401 & 5417) in COLA set

Kato GN green and orange releases:
106-1052: 1 (GN 1215) in 4 car set
106-1053: 1 (GN 1230) in 4 car set
156-0702: Individual (GN 1218)

Kato PC green and black release:
106-3521: Ex-UP PC 3001 coach in 4 car set.


Union Pacific ordered 50 of these Plan 7617 Coaches in 1945.  There were delivered between June and September 1950.  Each car featured 44 seats with integral leg rests.  The cars rode on 41-CUDO-trucks.


N Scale Models

Kato first released their 44-Seat coach in December of 1992 when they released 6 and 4 car sets of smoothside passenger cars in book style cases.  The models were a step above just about every N scale passenger car at the time.  While the Rowa semi-corrugated cars had similar flush fitting windows with window gaskets, the Kato cars also featured smooth axle point pickup and drop in lighting kits. 

The Kato tooling hasn’t changed at all through the 2011 release of two more of these coaches in the City of Los Angeles set.  The trucks are still attached to the underframes with screws, despite the newer tooled cars in the same set having clip on trucks as Kato has done with newer passenger car releases. 

The first Kato releases were not numbered, and the Union Pacific letterboard lettering was simply plain red without a black border.  Later Kato releases added car numbers and black outline lettering, starting with the July 2004 releases.  Trucks were aluminum on all releases up to the City of Los Angeles set which correctly features the earlier grey trucks.

Kato has also released this coach correctly painted in PC colors of green and black.

The Kato Great Northern cars need a bit more research.  There is reference to UP selling some cars to the GN sometime around 1969-1970.  These were ACF built cars, but at that time GN would have been painting their equipment Big Sky Blue instead of the Empire Builder green and orange.  So, the Kato cars might be close to another series of GN cars, or Kato took some licenses with the numbers they used.  If you have more information, please let us know.

Other Schemes

These cars were delivered in UP’s Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Grey with grey trucks.  Around 1959 they began receiving Aluminum painted trucks like the rest of the passenger car fleet.  The cars were numbered 5400-5449.

The Kato model is also very close to the 38 ACF built 44-seat coaches built in 1953 (UP 5450-5487) and the 20 St. Louis Car Co. 44-seat coaches built in 1960 (UP 5488-5507).  The main difference is the height of the window above the conductor’s desk.  This window was full height on the P-S cars and half height on the later cars.

Similar cars to the P-S 44-seat coaches were built for the Southern Pacific (No. 2379 and 2380) for pool service.

Similar cars to the ACF 44-seat coaches were build for the C&NW (No. 3477-3482) for pool service. 

In 1970, 6 coaches (UP 5423, 5426, 5429. 5430, 5436, and 5445) were sold to the Penn Central.

ACF built cars 5469-5471, 5476-5478, 5485, and 5487 were sold to the Great Northern.

ACF built cars 5452, 5454, 5455, 5460, 5461, 5464, and 5467 were sold to the Grand Truck Western.

Ringling Bros., Barnum, and Bailey Circus also ended up with some 5400 series coaches.

Amtrak bought 5400 series coaches from UP as well at the start of Amtrak in 1971.


Links & Resources

Book: Randall, W. David and William G. Anderson, The Official Pullman-Standard Library Vol. 14 Union Pacific 1937-1958, RPC Publications, 1993.
Book: Ranks, Harold E. and William W. Kratville, The Union Pacific Streamliners, Kratville Publications, 1974.

More Information

As always, if you have more information to share about this particular prototype car, or want to share your N scale model or consist information, please let us knows so we can keep this resource up-to-date.

Appropriate Passenger Trains:

Union Pacific City of Los Angeles
Union Pacific City of Portland
Union Pacific Challenger
Union Pacific City of St. Louis/Kansas City
Union Pacific City of Denver
Other UP Overland Route trains (Las Vegas Special, etc.)
PC, GN, and GTW trains after 1969.
Amtrak trains after 1971.
Ringling Bros., Barnum, and Bailey Circus Train

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