The Golden State ran between Chicago and Los Angeles via the Rock Island and the Southern Pacific.  Both railroads contributed to the equipment pool.  With a combination of vintage Rivarossi corrugated cars and newer Centralia Car Shops releases, it is pretty easy to put together a Golden State in N scale.

Featured Consist Circa 1950:

Rock Island E8
Rock Island E7
RI 820 Baggage Dorm
RI 345 Corrugated Coach
RI 346 Corrugated Coach
RI 412 Coffee Shop Lounge
RI 347 Corrugated Coach
RI Golden Banner 6/6/4 Sleeper
RI Golden Locket 6/6/4 Sleeper
SP Golden Chalice Diner
RI La Quinta 4/4/2 Corrugated Sleeper
RI Golden Desert 4/4/2 Sleeper
RI Golden Sunset 4/4/2 Sleeper
SP Golden Sun 10/6 Sleeper
RI 480 Observation
Walthers/LifeLike/ProtoN E8
Walthers/LifeLike/ProtoN E7
Rivarossi Corrugated Baggage Dorm
Rivarossi Corrugated Coach
Rivarossi Corrugated Coach
Scratchbuilt or sub SP Cafe Lounge: M&R Etched Sides
Rivarossi Corrugated Coach
Centralia Car Shops 6/6/4 Sleeper
Centralia Car Shops 6/6/4 Sleeper
Centralia Car Shops “Western” Diner
Custom Kato Super Chief 4/4/2 Sleeper
Centralia Car Shops 4/4/2 Sleeper
Centralia Car Shops 4/4/2 Sleeper
Rivarossi or Kato PRR 10/6 Sleeper
Rivarossi Corrugated Observation


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