Franksville, Wisconsin is located off of Highway K approximately west and slightly north of Racine, Wisconsin between Chicago and Milwaukee – on the Milwaukee Road line. I’m building a series of Modutrak modules depicting this town and area.  In the drawing above, Franksville sits to the right on the diagram above with Caledonia, Wisconsin to the left (or North). This is typical Wisconsin midwest scenery with farmlands and trees in between. There was also a switching tower in the middle of two passing sidings between Franksville and Caledonia. Below is our next installment. You can find an index of all the articles from this series HERE. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions in our discussion forum topic dedicated to this project. 



Here is an aerial view of the various buildings circa 1950’s:


The buildings we will be working on in this installment are the Klema Feed Mill specific buildings. Their property includes the coal bins seen above, but we will be covering that in a separate piece. Since the Klema mill buildings still exist today (albeit with different paint and quite a few years of wear) I decided a field trip was in order. Here is a photo of the mill as it stood in 2010:

Here is the Klema Store as it stood in 2010. It was updated since the 1950’s with the wood siding and a different roof over the bay window area:

Unfortunately the lumber yard is gone today but some digging around gives us an idea (in color no less) of what the structure looked like back then. Interestingly this photo was snapped from inside a speeder that was stored in the Franksville depot:

So. I sat down to start drawing these buildings out in Adobe Illustrator: 

I first printed them on a laser printer on heavy card stock so I could see how they looked next to each other:

Then printed the drawings on a craft cutter (like an ink jet printer, but instead of a print head to print things, this printer uses a small knife to cut things). This will score styrene sheet enough to usually just carefully snap the pieces apart when you are done:

From there assembly started (pieces just stacked for now):

I used Builders In Scale corrugated metal siding material on the sides of the buildings:

and then airbrushed over it with a grey primer color and created a decal on a black and white laser printer for the signage:

Next I assembled, painted and decaled the lumber building (I did go back and touch up the sides of the roof later). The roof tar paper is just strips of masking tape painted over. Windows and door are brass pieces I had from a fret from Micron Art. Here it is on the module to look at fitments:

And here are some of the partially built Klema structures sitting on the module as well:




We will continue the second half of these buildings, plus the gravel parking areas in our next installment this week. Thanks for following along and as always if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our discussion forum topic linked below.


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