modutrak curve

The biggest push for the Modutrak crew leading up to the 2010 National Train Show in Milwaukee was new 5′ curve modules.  With less than two months left before the show, the 4 curves were still blank module frames.  Step 1: Find a prototype location.

One of the corners was planned to be used between Bill Denton’s New Lisbon modules and Nate Pierce’s Wisconsin Dells set.  We needed something with basic middle Wisconsin scenery to split the scenes and give some running distance between towns.  A Russ Porter shot that we believe is a curve near Newport, WI, was chosen as inspiration.

Curve near Newport, WI on the Milwaukee Road - Russ Porter Photo

Cork is down on the ROW and Sculptamold and putty have been used to smooth out the foam contours

Static grass, bushes, undergrowth and trees make an appearance.

Track goes down with an .030" superelevation.

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