San Francisco Chief Consist:

Kato ATSF P-S Baggage
ConCor ATSF 1953 Budd Chair Car
Kato ATSF Step Down Hi-level Chair Car
Kato ATSF Step Down Hi-level Chair Car
Look Models ATSF Full Dome
Kato ATSF Pre-war Budd Diner
Kato ATSF Pine Series Budd 10-6 Sleeper
Kato ATSF Regal Series 4-4-2 Sleeper
Centralia ATSF P-S 10-5 Sleeper 
I’m dedicating this consist to friend and World Champion San Francisco Giants fan Chuck Ciaccio. Back in the day, the San Francisco Chief would have brought me from Chicago to San Fran to visit.

Kato’s full prototype passenger trains have been a boon to N scale passenger modeling.  Not just for the California Zephyr or Super Chief or Broadway Limited consists that they represent out of the box, but for the other secondary trains that can be built from their components.  In the case of the San Francisco Chief, passenger cars can be gathered from Kato, Centralia Car Shops, and Look Models to form one of Santa Fe’s unique trains.

Santa Fe Through Passenger Service Vol. 2, published by Morning Sun, shows a few options for motive power.  Besides the ubiquitous Santa Fe F units, Alco PA’s and EMD FP45/F45 lash ups also pulled the SF Chief through the years.  Kato has F7’s and PA’s available, while Athearn makes both FP45 and F45’s.

You can begin your research of SF Chief consists at via the following link:

5 Responses to Santa Fe’s San Francisco Chief

  • Keith

    What did you use to make the antennae platform and where did you get the horn?

    • mike@M160

      The platforms are etched and available from BLMA.

      • Keith

        Thanks Mike!.  Your train looks excellent!  I’m modeling the SF Chief as well.  Appreciate the info.

  • Ken Harstine

    I road the train as a seven year old in 1962.  I too have created a model.  I will be looking into your dome source.  I have a photo of the front end of that train in Fresno where my sister and I boarded.  It was pulled by PA and PB number 53.  I think it was a little longer then your version but can’t be certain.

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